Ceramic Heater


Why ceramic heater assembly is necessary???

Today, in the market, there are numerous types & models of HEAT GUN being offered to consumer. A great portion  of such  HEAT GUN,  in particular low cost versions,  using  heater assembly  made of mica  board. However, due to its limitation to heat resistance of mica board, all of heater assembly of this type is unable to reach the desirable high operating temperature.  Furthermore,  in order to reduce the  high temperature at the mica board, which contacts the heating element, most HEAT GUN manufacturers using high velocity blower in their products. 

In operation,  the high velocity blower defeats the purpose of the function of the HEAT GUN,  which is meant to deliver hot air at a desirable operating temperature consistently onto to a small area. Such high velocity of hot air makes the HEAT GUN behaves like an over size hair dryer. 

The  above phenomenon  makes the using of ceramic heater assembly necessary.  HEAT GUN using ceramic heater assembly  and low velocity blower  is capable of delivering  hot air of higher temperature  consistently onto a desired working surface area.

This is because, a CERAMIC HEATER ASSEMBLY, after being heat up by heating element, itself is a heater with extremely  high heat resistance,  ceramic  components of  the heater assembly with its  heat  dissipation capability  absorb  heat  from the heating  elements.  It transforms  the whole  ceramic  heater  assembly into a large size heating element. The low velocity blower delivers hot air at a steady velocity onto the  working  surface.  This  means  HEAT  GUN  made  with  CERAMIC  HEATER  ASSEMBLY &  LOW VELOCITY BLOWER is capable of delivering hot air  with high temperature at a low velocity consistently onto the desired working surface area. 


The use of HEAT GUN:

It is important  to know  that HEAT GUN with  ceramic  heater  assembly is  capable to  deliver hot  air at a temperature as high as 540oC at the exist. Therefore a safety glove should be use at accidentally getting burn. Also  ceramic  components  are  fragile  and  easy  breakable,  it  should  refrain  from  strong impact such as dropping on the floor and banning it on the hard objects etc..


Go to the nearest hardware store to buy a HEAT GUN with Ceramic Heater Assembly and give it a try.